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Africa 10% Off Sale


To celebrate the launch of our new 2019 brochures, we are offering a special on all Africa Tours!


The vast continent of Africa is best known for its magnificent national parks and animal safaris. Some of the greatest wild animals in the world can be seen during our safaris, and you will always travel in the most comfortable and luxurious vehicles available. Sky Safaris are a fantastic experience, allowing you to travel easily from lodge to lodge, and you may even see the majestic animals from above. The famous Big 5 (lions, leopards, rhinoceros, elephants, and buffalo) can be seen at a number of different national parks, and our expert guides and rangers will do their best to ensure you see as many creatures as possible.

Africa is also home to some of the most stunning coastal areas in the world, as well as the beautiful winelands, filled with fine wine and cuisine. You can also explore the beautiful and diverse landscapes, with expansive calderas, active volcanoes, and the spectacular Victoria Falls. The different countries in Africa are also greatly diverse, with individual and unique native ethnic groups that all have their own cultures and histories.

While we already guarantee exceptional value for money, this special discount will allow you to truly experience the wonders of this memorable continent at a fantastic price.

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