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Japan Express

After an Asian cruise from Australia to Japan, we were greeted by the most friendly tour guide, LiLi Utsugi/Ng. What a great lady. The tour took us from Yokohama and the Chinese precinct to Tokyo. In Tokyo we visited shrines, a palace and the Tokyo Tower before time in Ginza shopping district. LiLi ensured we got to sample all the local foods including ice creams and sweets. Just wonderful. Then we took the coach to Mt Fuji and Hakone with a lake cruise and a hot spring.  The bullet train was a highlight (along with everything else) to Kyoto and different shrines and temples. The following day was to Nara Park and the very polite deer that bow before they get a biscuit. Having an absolutely pleasant and very efficient tour guide like LiLi made the tour a complete delight and I would recommend MW to everyone contemplating a tour in Japan.

Client Name: Jasper and Frances Croft

China Tour

For the attention of Trace Olsen and/or Ben Haigh

My wife and I, with my sister and her husband, have just returned from this particular tour.  It’s almost impossible for us to write down how much we enjoyed the tour, the people, the history and the environment, and our first trip to China; so I won’t attempt it.

What I do want to register with you is the harrowing experience that emerged in Guilin and how, almost single-handedly, our (your) tour guide handled the situation and produced a solution.

This particular MW Tour was to end after sightseeing in Guilin and we had separately (separate to MW Tours that is) booked return flights from Guilin to Shanghai, as the first step of returning to our homes in Brisbane and Perth. On our last sightseeing day (Monday) before flying out on the Tuesday, our guide, Lizzie, set about checking and confirming our outgoing flights.  Although this was more our responsibility than hers, she said that she always made sure that outgoing customers have checked their flights etc.  Lizzie’s call revealed that the airline had cancelled the flight some days earlier, and rescheduled it for the Wednesday.  Several serious problems had emerged:

  • The rescheduled flight would not connect with our home flights out of Shanghai on Tuesday night;
  • The flights were booked by a travel agent in Perth and Lizzie contacted her manager in Shanghai, asking that he contact the Travel Agent in Perth.  The Monday was in fact Easter Monday, a public holiday in Australia. So no response from the booking agent.

Lizzie called the airline to seek out an alternative flight leaving Guilin on Tuesday when the next disaster emerged. My sister’s passport has her First Name and Surname only, as in her birth certificate, although she regularly uses a middle name.  The airline would transfer three of us to another flight (me, my wife and brother-in-law), but not my sister because the Guilin / Shanghai flight was booked using her three names.

The solution worked out by Lizzie (and the only one that we could see working) was to transfer the 4 flight bookings to the alternative flight, and to purchase a second ticket

for my sister in her passport name.

All of this took some several hours of Lizzie on the phone (two mobiles at a time I might add), sometimes with the airline, sometimes with her colleagues in Guilin and sometimes with her manager in Shanghai; but most of the time with the five of us huddled in our hotel room, four of us watching and listening to this remarkable person going about her business.

But it wasn’t her business, was it?  It was just added-value of the first order.

We had given our heartfelt thanks to Lizzie as she saw us off at the airport.  I would ask that you make this “above and beyond the call of duty” contribution known to the management of MW tours and your other  related organisations in China, so that the story will get to Lizzie and to her manager.

You have a first class employee in Lizzie and we promised her we would write to you and tell our story.

Best regards

Peter & Leah White

Client Name: Peter & Leah White

Taiwan Tour Oct 2017

Hi Navy

I would like to thank you and grand operator in Taiwan!

My pax Colin/John & Patricia had a great trip in Taiwan in Oct 2017. Hotels are wonderful, tour guides are friendly and nice. Taiwan is so beautiful as well. They can recommend this Taiwan Tour to everybody

Thank you

Client Name: Julie | Helloworld Greensborough

Japan Express & Hong Kong 10-20 Oct 2017

Hello Jade & Navy,

Received a lovely complimentary email from my client Mr & Mrs McGahen who travelled with your recently to Japan & Hong Kong. High Praise indeed.

Many thanks for your assistance with their reservations.


Kind regards,

Sally from Travel On King



From: J McGahen

Sent: Tuesday, 24 October, 2017 9:12PM

To: Sally Lucas

Subject: Re: Japan Express Tour

Hi Sally,

Wasn't a problem..... After a cup of coffee at the airport, a 10:00am flight to HK and a meal which was served on the plane all worked out OK... Holiday was amazing, all went to schedule, tour and guided were as far as I was concerned first class... and I 've been with Scenic, APT and Travel Marvel and the service, the accommodation and the professionalism with MW was by far, above my expectation. Full marks to Mandarin World Tours... Oh and by the way many thanks for convincing me to stay at the Royal Plaza Hotel as opposed to the Holiday Inn Golden Mile.... The Plaza is " First Class" accommodation.... and right next to the MOKO Shopping Centre! And I've now mastered the HK transit system too.....

Please convey my best wishes to MW... Well done!


My warm regards


Client Name: Mr & Mrs McGahen

Japan Tour

Hi Elle.

sorry for not getting back to you earlier..we have had major phone and internet issues for days and it has put us way behind on our work.

Japan was amazing again, a pretty good bunch apart from one who just wouldnt listen for meeting times etc and would always annoy people..(Theres always one)

Sumo was super cool and well worth planning a trip around..also the Maricar go karts were just the best fun..

I must say I was very impressed with the Metropolitan hotel in Tokyo & the with the Granvia in Kyoto I think we were pretty spoilt.

the Fuji hotel was also very nice and in a great location with views to Mt Fuji. The food (dinner & breakfast) which were included were ok..maybe not up to the standard of the others, but once again I think were were pretty spoilt with those..Osaka the hotel rooms were small, but as expected for Japan..and all were in great locations with easy acces to train stations etc for getting about in the free time we had..

I am certainly glad we had the extra nights in Tokyo & Osaka otherwise it is too much of a rush..

our guide Lili was the best..she just couldn't do enough to please everyone.

so overall everyone was very pleased with the whole trip.



Client Name: Grant

Ancient Cities & Yangtze River Discovery [17 Days]

Hi MWTours,
I thought I would drop you a line re our recent China adventure. I thought I would let you know we had a fabulous time.
Everything went better than expected. We were at the end of the Chinese school holiday season and before the start of the "Westerners" visiting season, so it made the trip extra special.
I knew it was a small group tour but we had a guide in each city all to ourselves. The riverboat cruise was only half full at best with us and a French student the only english speaking passengers on board.
The food and accommodation were excellent everywhere, although the Beijing hotel room did smell of stale cigarette smoke. The guides were very good, especially David in Beijing.
Cathay Pacific were great to travel with and all up we certainly got our monies worth over the whole trip.
 Our "Lonely Planet" guide was a bit misleading as tipping seems to be expected everywhere and tourists need to take plenty of water with them.
We availed ourselves of the porter service at railway stations and it made life a lot easier.
Anyway, plenty of memories for us (and hundreds of pix and videos).
We are looking at visiting Cambodia Laos and Vietnam perhaps next year so we will certainly see what you have on offer.
Thanks again for organising a great time.

Client Name: Keith and Serena Peplar - Booked through Emerald Lake Travel

China Tour

Dear Mandarin World Tours,


We would like you to know that your guide, Richard, and his manager (also Richard) in Xian took wonderful care of us when my husband collapsed at the Xian Airport. We were on an Impressions of China tour and about to go to Shanghai to finish when it became clear that my husband couldn't go on. Guide Richard helped get Patrick to a local hospital, riding with us in the ambulance. Later he also went with us when they transferred my husband to a larger, city hospital in Xian. Manager Richard picked up our checked luggage and brought it to the hospital. Both Richards stayed with us, translating, helping me get cash, and actually taking care of my husband's needs better than I could manage myself. They stayed late into the night and returned very early the next morning to help. They rescheduled our flights back to Australia and took us to the airport. We arrived home safely but missed three days of our tour. In short, both Richards went beyond the call of duty to help us and, if possible, I would like MW to reward them in some way.

We are still processing the travel insurance claim and may have to ask you to retrieve documents from the Xian hospital, but that is still pending.

We enjoyed our tour up to the departure from Xian. Our Beijing guide was very accommodating. Our plane from Shanghai to Beijing was delayed 3 hours so we didn't get to our hotel until 2 am. We were scheduled to do the strenuous Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City tours early the next morning. It was obvious that neither we nor the guide wanted to take this on without sleep so we arranged to start later in the day. All our China Eastern flights were delayed so I would suggest the itinerary of the China Impressions tour not have such big tours scheduled for the first day in China. A 2 am arrival is not reasonable for most tourists facing culture shock as well as the stress of long-haul flights. But on the whole, the tour was very interesting and the hotels very good. We has a great time up to the departure from Xian.

We have recommended MW tours to our friends and we would like to get to Shanghai some day so maybe we will try again. 

Kind regards,

Paula Gowans


Client Name: Paula Gowans

China Tour

I am writing to you to say thank you for organising such a great trip for us. We enjoyed it very much and still under the influence of what we have learnt and experienced.

We were greeted and farewelled  in each city with lovely helpful guides and they tried to show us as much as they could in short period of time. Some of them did it on the own time as well.

The only remarks would be to make sure that they use better eateries in Beijing and Xian. The usual places where they take tourists do provide very plain bland food, which I guess what majority of older caucasian tourists from USA and Aus would prefer. But in all other cities guides were taking us to restaurants where they would go (we asked them to do so), and food was amazing. And the second point, if you would need to organise China for someone else, the  overnight sleep in train was generally clean and comfortable, but someone was smoking in one of the neighbouring rooms and all tobacco fumes were stuck in our room ,which was unpleasant. And even the workers on the train couldn't figure out who was smoking :).

Overall we had a great time and loved our trip to China, which was very well organized.

Thank you,


Client Name: Mahliyo

China, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan & India Tailor Made

We have had a wonderful holiday. We have been well looked after with no problems but to relax & enjoy ourselves. Our travel agent did a wonderful job.


Janet Carter booked through Rejoice World Travel

Client Name: Mr & Mrs Carter

China FIT Mar 2017

Hello again,

Having recently returned from the independent tour of Xi'an & Shanghai. Firstly I wish to thank the organization of MW Tours for a job well done. Unfortunately, the cancer illness has now caught up with Graham now making it difficult for him to walk. Thi sonly occurred a week prior our departure.

In Xi'an our guide throughout was " Linda" with car driver Mr Xu. Graham did not venture from the hotel day 1 & remained in the car with driver for the rest of our stay. Personally, we could not have been better looked after they were wonderful as was the Golden Flower Hotel and would recommend this hotel as the place to stay. Likewise the high-speed rail to Shanghai was great with food trolly service to boot.

On arrival Shanghai, another guide was there to greet us. The hotel Sunrise on the Bund was something to write home about, most enjoyable & attentive staff in the dining room where we remained to eat. Inh Shanghai, Graham again decided to remain in the car on both days. On our last day, the guide was there to take us to the airport and fortunately so as it became a little confusing with added security.


With kind regards



Client Name: Flor Noel Raymond & Patterson Graham William booked through ATM QLD

Japan Cherry Blossom Garden Tour Mar 2016

We had a wonderful holiday in Japan. The sites we visited & the places we saw were very interesting. Our group of 32 was excellent company to travel with. We had a fantastic safe driver and a comfortable coach. Our guide Gigi was absolutely brilliant. She was very caring & had a great knowledge of Japan.



Client Name: Roger & Elispeth Mossner from NSW

Taiwan Panorama Oct 2016

This tour delivered all it promised & more. Every detail was on time with comfortable accommodation, extra requests and communication between MWT & the guides on site was clear & deal it with in a courteous manners. I loved Taiwan.

Client Name: Helen Lucas

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

Hello Navy

Our recent private tour to the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival turned out to be wonderful experience, one we will always remember. Our expectations were certainly met mainly due to your help in putting together our itinerary, answering our many queries before we left and the excellent service provided whilst in Harbin by Wendy, our tour guide, together with our driver. The whole tour just flowed without any problems whatsoever. Our choice of the Holiday Inn Hotel in Harbin proved to be an excellent one given its close proximity to Central Street in Harbin as was the Pullman Hotel, our transit hotel at the Guangzhou Airport.

Hope to catch up with you here in Perth next month


Mike and Jean

Client Name: Mike and Jean

Taiwan Agent Famil Trip Oct 2016

Hi Elle


I wanted to say how lovely it was to be on the Taiwan famil with you, I had the best time and love Taiwan!  I have to say, for your years, you have a very mature outlook.  You impressed me no end, and I was proud of the way you handled yourself in all situations.   I cannot wait to see where this career in travel takes you. Obviously Tracey has recognised your talents, and put you in this position of responsibility, and I wish you all the very best in the world.


I know, getting philosophical, but I recognise management skills a mile off, and you have what it takes to succeed Elle!  With MWT, you will fly – enjoy and I hope to see you again soon,

Thank you again, and appreciate your friendship, in and out of thermal hot springs!


Personally Yours

Client Name: Denise Dean

China Sichuan Agent Famil Trip Oct 2016

Dear Flora and Navy,


Heartfelt thanks to MW Tours, Sichuan Airlines and Flora who invited me to participate in this wonderful educational recently. It was one of the best famils I have experienced. It was well organized, comfortably paced and was an interesting and diverse itinerary. I was fortunate to experience many different and diverse landscapes, cuisines and activities. The Accommodation was exceptional.


Special thanks to dear Flora, our escort who guided our group with professionalism, care and ensured we were all well looked after and any needs were addressed  immediately. It was a pleasure to have met you and shared some amazing moments and laughs!


I will definitely keep recommending your product to my clientele. I can confidently assure my clients Mr/Mrs Schwarz who are travelling with you to Japan in March 2017 that they will be well looked after and have an amazing experience.


Kind regards,

Client Name: Anna Dementiev

5 Days Korea Short Stay 2016

Hi Navy,


Have just had our valued client, Mr Rupert Jarvis return from South Korea where he travelled on “5 Days Korea Short Stay”, tour code 2016081604.


Thought you might like to know that he thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the tour.  Also mentioned their tour guide was excellent.


Kind Regards,


Client Name: Margaret Clarke

Japan World Heritage Sep 2016

Dear Jenny,


Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your efforts with this booking, the clients had a wonderful time in Japan and were very impressed with MW Tours.


I have full confidence in MW Tours from now on as this was my first pax back from holidays with you guys.


Thanks again.


Kind Regards,



Client Name: Belinda McFarlane

Discover Korea & Taiwan Tour Jun 2016

Hello Jenny,


Just wanted to let you know the Tour to South Korea & Taiwan was great (arrived home Wednesday).  Everything went really well, we had a lovely lady Guide for Korea and gentlemen guides in Taiwan and they all did a very good job looking after us all.  There were 31 of us on the Korea Tour for the 1stys then 10 left to go off somewhere else.  In Taiwan there were just 4 of us, so we were travelling with 2 lovely people from the US (South Dakota) a Grandmother of 73 and her 23 year old Grand-daughter, we all got on really well, enjoyed each others’ company and had a great time.


We loved both Countries, Korea was different to any other Asian Country that we had visited, we found Seoul and Taipei to be very nice cities and our Hotels were in good locations.  In fact all the Hotels were very good, no complaints at all.  In fact the whole Tour went very well, we were picked up from Airports and Hotels on time and were always informed what was happening, and there was plenty of communication and confirmation of arrangements.  We have done quite a few Tours over the years and were very happy with this one, wouldn’t hesitate to use this company again.  I will fill out the survey soon and send it off to you.


Kind Regards,

Client Name: Kathy from VIC

Taiwan & Hong Kong Tailor Made Feb 2016

Hello Navy,

I’m just writing to say thank you for organising our recent Hong Kong/Taiwan holiday. Everything went according to plan and we were able to see and do all the ‘things’ on our list.  The weather hampered, but didn’t prevent, some of our sightseeing and the guides and drivers we had were very helpful and really tried to make our trip memorable.

Please pass on our thanks to Peter and Walter.


Client Name: Dianne Cripps

Classical Korea 10 Days Tour Nov 2015

Hi Cecilia,


Both my husband and I have just returned from our South Korea trip.

We had an amazing time and would like to thank you for introducing us to this tour. Our tour guide Justin Choi was fantastic and he did very well explaining about the history and facts.

Please send me any upcoming tours when there’s any promotions.


Thank you.


Kind regards


Client Name: Johanna

Highlights of Japan And Taiwan Oct 2015

Good morning Jenny,


I trust 2016 will be an excellent and very successful New Year for you and MW Tours.

I am deeply sorry by not getting back to you soon after my return from Japan and Taiwan. The trip was fantastic and we had a such a beautiful time and thoroughly enjoy the two countries.


The organisation was just perfect and the quality of the hotels and the activities included in the package were just great. Also having time on our was very good as we had the opportunity to explore and see more of the cities and sites around Japan and Taiwan.


This only left me with the desire to go back for more and I hope to have the opportunity to do it. You can be sure that you will be the first point of contact for my future travel arrangements.


I shall come by and say hello next time I visit Brisbane.

Best wishes

Client Name: Robert Valera

Taiwan Panorama 13 days Tour Sep 2015

The tour delivered all it promoted and more. Every detail was on time with comfortable accommodation. Extra requests and communications with MW Tours and the guide on site was clear and dealt with in a courteous manner.


I loved Taiwan!!!
Thank you Navy Wang & Jade for a most pleasant tour of Taiwan

Client Name: Helen Lucas

Japan Express Tour Sep 2015

Our trip was booked as a short stop over on our way home from England, by Bruce Shaw, Cruise and Travel Berwick.


Because of delayed luggage we took until 11.00 am to get to your agent who was still waiting to welcome us. he provided bus tickets and took us to the bus at 11.40, and made sure we got on the correct one. During our stay at Keio Plaza Hotel, the service from all the staff was better than excellent. with special meals provided for my wife,and outstanding service from the concierge staff. An earthquake of 5.4 passed without too much drama.


The Niko world Heritage Tour; very good.


Meals: good to excellent. Hotels Excellent, see above for Keio Plaza. Sightseeing Very good. Tour leaders and meet and greet representatives Excellent. , Did they stick to the given itinerary, Not sure! what we had was good.


Overall impression: very competent smooth operation, everything fell into place. Happy to recommend your service.


With our good wishes,

Client Name: Ian and Pam Jones

Southern China Tour & Nature Wonder of China Tour Tailor Made Aug 13 2015

Dear Jade,


We have just returned from our 30days trip to China. We did the Southern China Explorer tour and the Natural wonders of China tour.

We have had an absolutely wonderful holiday. Everything went like clockwork. We were looked after so well and the local guides were always reliable and very friendly. We were more than pleased with the quality of accommodation. We stayed in some wonderful hotels and were amazed at the spaciousness of every hotel. Sightseeing was amazing. The tour content was incredible.


We have seen so many beautiful places and every local guide had so much knowledge and very good English. John did suffer with altitude sickness in Shangarila, but the hotel was excellent with the all night oxygen bar. He was Ok in Jiuzhaigou so must have acclimatised by then. We both stayed remarkably healthy during the whole trip. No upset tummies and no clods etc. We had plenty of exercise and I must say that you would have to be reasonably fit to do all the walking and climbing of steps. We made it and were so glad we didn’t miss out on a single thing.


We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend MW Tours to anyone. China is an amazing country and we wish everyone would go and see it for themselves. Your tour content was perfect, hotels fantastic and local guides adorable.


Thanks to you all for organising such a wonderful holiday.


Kind regards,


Client Name: Annie& John Clark WA clients

10 Days Japan Golden Route Mar 25 2015

Dear Mandarin World Tours,

We have thoroughly enjoyed our tour. Masumi has-been excellent, Such a delight, she worked tirelessly everyday to make sure our needs were met. some of the days, Particularly 31Mar was very jam packed and we where unable to spend as much time as we would liked in some areas due to the busy time of the year.


Overall though, we really did enjoy Japan & hope to return to experience more of These lovely people and culture.


This tour has been great value for money & we would not hesitate to recommend your company to our friends. Thank you to Navy as well for your help and knowledge! Our driver was wonderful, I Showed His experience so many times.


Thank you to all in helping our journey to Japan one we will not forget!

Client Name: Jillian & David Shields SA

Korea Sparkling Tour April 2015

Hi Navy,

I must write our congratulations on a wonder organized tour which could not be faulted, all pick up times were noted and never at any time did we have to reconfirm at the hotel tour desk, the hotels by the way were all excellent in every city and town. Most impressive was the amount of infrastructure by Korea in building in the highway system, going through mountains by way of tunnel after tunnel after tunnel.


As I wrote earlier the tour was most interesting the first 3 days with the charming ‘Mena’ who made sure we got to Gimhae airport to join our flight to Jeji. We would like to return in the Spring when the cherry blossoms and Azalea’s are in bloom.


Keep up the good work.

Client Name: Noel Flor

Japan Golden Route Mar 2015

Hi Sophie,

I intended writing to you once I returned on the 3rd April.  I was sick from the time I arrived in Perth and I had to seek doctor’s medication as I had flue symptoms, could be a part of spring in Japan.  I am still on medication and today I can raise my head.


The tour was fantastic.  I am quite pleased with the accommodation you provided and Danny was a very good tour guide with a great sense of humour.  We thoroughly enjoyed his knowledge on Japan, Singapore and Australia. The highlight of the trip was the mount Fuji.  It was a memorable one.  I would like to go again with my husband next year.


The food was good and we were given the opportunity to taste different types of menus and  even raw tuna which is a delicacy in Japan.


My second attraction was the Nara Temple ( being a Buddhist) and the deer living free around so many hectares of land. But we had very little time to go round the whole place. Unfortunately we could not go to hot springs due to bad weather. I enjoyed the  hot spa in the hotel.  It was good experience. I need to educate myself on this more.


Location of the hotels you provided were very scenic . Very comfortable rooms. Visit to the Sake factory was very interesting.  We managed to buy Sake at the site.
Thank you Sophie once again and I have recommended your tour company to many of my friends in Perth.


I would like to do a tour in China in the near future and kindly send me some of your programmes for me to choose

Client Name: .

Around Taiwan Island Oct 14

Hi Navy,

Just a quick email to let you know that my clients arrived back recently and called in to let me know how fantastic all your arrangements were.  They can’t believe more people don’t visit Taiwan. They are hoping to do the other side of the Island on their next trip.  Many thanks for all your hard work and please pass on my thanks to your staff on the ground.



Client Name: Annie Thomsen

Korea Sparkling Tour 14 Days Sep 2014

Thanks Cecilia

Mum and myself have had a great trip to Korea.


We would highly recommend your future customers do the longer trip with more days to see the whole country. Some travel days were very long with 8.30am starts and 9.30pm arrivals at hotels. Most guides were OK. Food was good and varied.

We both enjoyed Seoul. The hotels you recommended were both well located.  I think the second one was more central and had access to more tourist things. The first one Fraser Place Central was again well located but had a slightly longer walk to the train station.


The ibis hotel was best located of the 3 hotels. It was on the airport shuttle bus route with the bus stopping outside the hotel. It was close to the local metro/train station. Was opposite a huge department store (which had a Hugh food court) and underground shopping mall. It was also located next to a shopping neighbourhood which had a nightly tourist market.


Thanks for organising our trip.


Client Name: Roger and Shirley Kitchell

Tailor-made trip to Taiwan and Thailand Sep 2014

Dear Navy,
I had a great tour ..the sights were amazing ..hotels great the tour guides fantastic .. Overall a tour well worth the time ....thank you ..Thailand hotels were the best ..well done ..position the best …anyway thanks again for what you have done for me ....Rdgs

Client Name: Patrick Croker NSW

Highlights of Japan and Taiwan 15 Days Tour May 2014

Sincere compliments and many thanks for arranging transfer from “Garden Hotel — Taipei”, to the Howard Plaza Hotel at the end of tour. Howard Plaza was very good– Recommended by other tour members who were staying there.


Transfer organised with excellent tour guide via your office by email, much appreciated! Also transfers between hotels and airport transfer, at the end of our extended stay.


We were very happy and most impressed that you acted on our complaint without questions, or extra cost to us. That is excellent customer service and the difference between an average company, and one which really cares about their customers, satisfaction and enjoyment. Congratulations on excellent customer support and relationships!


The local guides in Japan and Taiwan were all delightful people. The other hotels we stayed at were all very, very good.


We were very satisfied with the swift resolution and your customer service.


With Thanks

Client Name: Sylvia Gazdarica NSW

Vietnam and China Tour 12 Days Tour Apr 2014

Hi Cecilia,

Just a short note of appreciation to you and Mandarin World Tours.

Wendy and myself had a fantastic time on your Vietnam/China tour, Everything was well organised and very comfortable.

Thank you

Client Name: Kim Griffiths & Wendy Russell Melbourne

Japan Cherry Blossom and Garden Tour 14 Days Tour Mar 2014

Hi Sophie,

We have a lovely holiday/tour in Japan. We really love it.

We are so lucky that the weather is fine, not too hot not too cold, only a bit of rain towards the end of the tour when we are on the Miyajima Island in Hiroshima. The beautiful cherry blossom, starting formTokyo when we landed, all the way till Osaka where we left for Australia. It is such a wonderful experience. Then these Japanese gardens, historical castles & various temples, makes it such a memorable tour.

Food is beautiful. Thanks to our tour guide Mr. Phillip Tan, he put in a lot of efforts to arrange various type of Japanese food for us to try, not just standard hot pot & shabu shabu, but different cooking styles like tempura, teppanyaki, grilled etc with various sea food, meat, oyster on alternate meals and so on. He is so good.

He also go out of the way to arrange or re-arrange our tour program to suit the weather, locality etc and not just blindly following the standard tour program. His rich knowledge of Japanese culture & history makes him one of the best tour guide we have come across. He is just fantastic. He is the man you want for the Japanese tour.

Please thank him for us when you next speak to him & give him our regards.

Thank you guys also for arranging such lovely tour. We will check your website before we go on our next tour.

Kind regards

Client Name: Teong & Eng Keong. Melbourne.

Japan Cherry Blossom and Garden Tour 14 Days Tour Mar 2014

 Hi Navy,


Just a short note to let you know that we had a fantastic time in Japan and China. The trip was everything we had hoped for. We enjoyed the company of a wonderful group (mainly from Queensland) and Philip, our Japanese guide, was terrific. The guides in Shanghai (Gloria) and Xi’an (Sandy) were excellent too.Cheers

Client Name: Mike and Jean WA client

Japan, Korea and Taiwan Triple indulgence Nov 2013

Dear Grace,
We liked the Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung and Naruwan Hotel for their high quality service and rooms. Especially happy with the service provided by Charlie in Korea (Busan, Gyeongju, Daegu) and Thomas in Taiwan.


Great trip, nice hotels, and very good local guides. Overall we are very satisfied with the trip, had a great time and everything went smoothly.


Client Name: Jimmy Trieu

Vietnam off the Beaten Track 17 days Oct 2013

Dear Kelvin,


We have just returned from our Vietnam 17 day tour which turned out to be a wonderful trip an experience of a lifetime filled with many memories and laughter.

This was the first time that we had experienced a private tour and there were a number of benefits –all the guides were enthusiastic, good local knowledge, friendly and the experience of having lived in the areas and we had access to them and they were considerate and conscious of our special needs. The drivers and the cars were excellent and we felt safe at all times.

The Hotel accommodation was of a high standard and exceeded our expectations and we thoroughly enjoyed the variety of the Vietnam cuisine for lunch at the restaurants as well as the evening meals at some of the best restaurants in Vietnam.

Personal thanks to Kelvin who kept in contact with us and his coordinating the minor change to our itinerary. The door to door service by the guides from the time we arrived at the airport to our departure at the airport was something special. For the time we spent with each guide was like family building a friendly relationship and you could feel the warmth as we departed.

I have passed on your company’s contact details to a number of my family and friends and also to my local ProbusMens Club which has over  70 members all retirees .


Yours Sincerely


Client Name: Richard & Marlyn Hooper

Yangtze River Cruise Tour, May 2013

Hi Grace,


We thought that we would send you an email just to let you know the outcome of our Yangtze Cruise Holiday Package. It is nice to be able to report that all arrangements went very well for us.


The hotel accommodation was excellent and of a high standard and in good locations. The tour guides were punctual and efficient. The River cruise was all, or more, than we expected (unfortunately for us the weather was not kind being wet and very foggy for a lot of the cruise.). The $150.00 upgrade was certainly worthwhile and we would recommend it to other passengers.


The whole package was very enjoyable and we thank you for your attention.


Best regards


Client Name: John & Glen Bertles

China highlight Tour, Sep ,2013

Dear Anne,

We have been having an amazing time in Beijing. Our tour guide candy ping and the driver Mr Yuan were truly exceptional, i have never been looked after so well in all my life, if so far a wonderful trip .thank you for all your efforts.



Client Name: Sophie & Alvaro

Japan Express (9Days ) Tour, 25 Apr,2013

Dear Cecilia,

My compliment to MWT for a well organised tour to Japan ex Sydney 25/4/2013.

I was throughtly impressed with my hotels in Tokyo,Hakone and Kyoto, they were well located close to amenities. I was not fussed with Hotel New Hankyu in Osaka I guess you have chosen that hotel because of the location close to just about everything. I cancelled my Kyoto Morning Tour 01 May with your agent in Kyoto because I was too tired to join the tour.

I would not hesitate to recommend MWT for their tours. I love those big room in the hotels in Tokyo and Kyoto and the warm toilet seats.

Yours sincerely


Client Name: Fatimah

Ancient Cities &Yangtze River Discovery (15 days) tour, 12 October, 2012

Dear Navy,

We have just returned from our holidays which included the above mentioned tour that you arranged for us.  It was a wonderful tour from the moment the local representative met us at Beijing airport after a late night flight to take us to our hotel – to our departure from Shanghai.Your pre-departure service was very efficient and helpful; the hotels were a much better standard than we expected considering the price we paid; the local representatives and guides were always punctual, kind, knowledgeable, helpful and attentive; the cars/transport very comfortable; the excursions everywhere were fabulous.  The river Yangtze cruise was great.  The tour was well paced.

All in all, excellent value for money and we would have no hesitation in recommending your services to other travellers.


Thank you,


Client Name: Sue and Malcolm Wilson

Vietnam & Cambodia Delights 2012

Hi Navy and Grace.

Thanks for a wonderful, comprehensive, unforgettable  holiday.  The ACT Travel guides were all marvellous and so helpful and understanding with so much knowledge about their local area including shopping and restaurants.  They were keen for us to try new things but at the same time protected us from harm as much as possible.

Client Name: Judy Cooke and Alan White

Ancient Cities & Yangtze River Discovery 15 Days Tour Aug 2012

Hi Navy,

We have just returned from our Ancient Cities of China Tour and must say the trip exceeded our expectations on just about all aspects. Food was great, hotels were very good, the co-ordination was faultless and our local guides and drivers bar one were of the highest quality. Our guides in fact, with their knowledge and dedication made our holiday that much more special so we were able to enjoy the fascinating places we visited to the full. We would certainly use MWT again and highly recommend it to our friends.  I will stress we had a wonderful trip and felt we had excellent value for money.



Client Name: Derek and Christine Barnett WA clients

Japan Cherry Blossom and Garden Tour 14 Days Tour Mar 2012

Hi Navy,


The trip went very well, beyond our expectations.   Let me know if you find a new way to get me to and from destinations.

The other reason I’m writing is to tell you that our guide/escort, Philip was marvellous.  He was genuine and had a very friendly personality and just the right ‘touch’ to deal with 20 people.  Whilst he was knowledgeable he didn’t dwell on things.  I think that the group was challenging with their relentless day-long questioning.  He answered them all.   Philip made some adjustments to the itinerary for the better which may have been awkward but did so with little fuss.   He went to a lot of trouble to expose us to the variety of Japanese food and cooking with a different style for lunch and dinner.  The was unanimously appreciated.  We were in effect pampered.

I regard him as equal to the best, if not better, and I know my views are shared by the others.

We are interested in a China trip next year, without the Yangtze cruise, which I have heard is over-rated since completion of the three dams.   Let me have details when available.



Client Name: Randall

Japan Cherry Blossom 11 Days Tour Mar 2012

As much as I was looking forward to this tour, it has far exceeded my expectations.

I generally travel regularly and ‘ independently’. However I opted for a tour option of Japan for a change and can honestly say it was the best choice I made.

From start to finish I can’t fault the professionalism shown by MWT (especially with the amount of questions I was asking, and always received a prompt reply) The tour itself was just perfect, Naomi our tour director had full control the whole time and always kept us travellers well informed and up to date on changes as they arose.

I could go on and on here however you get the idea! I highly recommend MWT and in particular this tour. I look forward to my next adventure with you guys!

Client Name: Reg Hemsworth

Egypt & Dubai Jun 2012

Dear Grace,


Thank you for your greetings. You arranged for us well.

We had a wonderful time and I don’t regret it a bit. We were most comfortable and safe and I felt like we were treated to first class treatment. You chose very good hotels for us Grace. I think we liked the Movenpick the best and the service at the Sheraton is impeccable and we had views to the Mediterranean sea and the Presidential palace of Mohammed Ali in Alexandria. Our Hotel in front of the Pyramids was very memorable and I remember listening to Jazz music while enjoying a buffet dinner very relaxing and therapeutic for my Wife and I.

I loved the Nile Cruise and the Sabena was well appointed. We had very few co passengers and the food was quality so much so I ate too much and was sick a couple of days but our tour guide took care of us. I so appreciated the baby fed tour because I was little too scared to do anything by myself. We got use to the hassles at the major sites and tried our best to save our pound coins to use toilets.

Dubai was fun too my wife was in bliss going to the biggest shopping mall in the world and seeing the tallest building in the world. The weather was comfortable there but cold in Cairo and Egypt just wish I had brought more warm clothes. Glad I brought too much money as we needed to tip frequently. The Cairo Museum is fascinating and the Valley of the Kings. We went to Sound and Light Show at Karnak Temple in Luxor which was impressive.

I think this was the best holiday you sent us on.

Hope to talk to you again one day with any travel needs we have.

Client Name: Michael. & Tze Lee Chan-Flick

Vietnam & Cambodia Delight Nov 2011

Dear MW Tours,

We returned on Friday from our recent holiday. Left Perth on 4thNov.  From the moment we arrived in Phom Penh and were met by the Guide we knew we would have a wonderful time.  The guides and drivers were always punctual and flexible if we decided to change plans. Their humour and knowledge and care was something we have not had on other overseas trips.  Our guide Nam, in Hue was there to protect us from what could have been potentially a bad experience.  We were most impressed that on 3 occasions Mr Kelvin Luy phoned to make sure we were having a good time and all was well.  Thanks Kelvin.  The history of both Cambodia and Vietnam and the friendliness of the people made this a very memorable holiday and one we would recommend.

Thanks to all!

Client Name: Gail Mountain & Lynne Francis- Perth Clients

Japan Autumn Leaves Tour Oct 2011

MW Tours,


The tour was probably above our expectations.

We were pleasantly surprised with the complete aspect of Japan, and would love to take in more of the friendliness and cleanliness of this amazing country. We only had a small snapshot. Next time, we would like to cover a few more areas.

All booking arrangements worked like clockwork with our guide, Kazuko Nomura waiting at airport when our flight arrived. The variations and surprises of the places of interest to dine certainly let us experience the real Japan. Thank you Kazuko.

Client Name: Brian & Judith Gaffney–QLD clients

Vietnam and Cambodia Tour April 2011

Dear MW Tours:

I’d like to thank you for providing a wonderful itinerary and fantastic accommodation. The guides were without exception very enthusiastic and willing to share their local knowledge. It was a humbling experience made all the better with such great guides and drivers.

Thanks and regards

Client Name: Tony Boundy -VIC agents

Bali Tour- April 2011

Dear Gloria,

We were delighted. I thought you had sent us to Angor Wat. Our resort in Bali was just what we wanted and the personal guide made our tour so comfortable and enjoyable. We were in shopping paradise and the massage, the food and the cocktails were divine….

Did you know you sent us on Malaysia Airlines Airbus A330 Inaugural flight? I though we were aboard the titanic on its maiden voyage. Thank goodness we got there safely (only joking). Everything was so new and champagne upon arrival and little muffins and the little souvenir gift bag they gave us. Oh! It was great for my Wife and I’s relationship even if was for just a little while and it was just what we needed. I loved the views, the breakfasts everyday and the 64 television channels and room service.

Thank you very much and please thank everyone at mandarin world tours. We shall be travelling with you again soon.

Kind regards

Client Name: Michael & Tze Lee Chan-Flick

China Super Value Tour Mar 2011

Dear All,

We would like to thank Eurasia travel & Mandarin world tours giving us good advices and great time about China tour. We also want to thank all of the tour guides and drivers in China. They are very friendly and helpful. We hope to see all of them again if we come back to China.

Client Name: Peter Nguyen-VIC clients

Around Taiwan Island Mar 2011

Dear Kelly,

I said I’ll give you some feedback re: our Taiwan trip.

It was a wonderful trip all round. We have enjoyed our time in Taiwan. Made some new friends. The acid test is will we be able to nurture a ongoing relationship. Time will tell.

I certainly was not disappointed with my experience at the Taroka George and my wife has thoroughly enriched with the time spent at the Palace Museum. So much so we stayed at the museum for the rest of the day. Pity mandarin is not my language of use. From the museum we went directly to Shilin. Our time at 101 was somewhat interfered with heavy fog. Still when there was a break  in the fog we could witness the city street lights below.

 It’s a pity that Taiwan is not as heavily promoted as PROC as far as tourism is concerned. Perhaps it will one day.

The logistics on the trip was superb. On schedule i must add. There will be a time I’ll probably go there again. Many thanks Kelly.

Client Name: Andrew Yuen -SA client

Around Taiwan Island Oct 2010

Dear Navy,

We had a great time in Taiwan. All of the arrangements that you made were great. We particularly liked the Taipei Garden Hotel. It was in a great lively location and the staff were super-helpful.

Client Name: Mary Barber-QLD client

Japan Autumn Leaves Oct 2010

Dear Mandarin World Tours,

I have travelled on tours quite a bit in last 20 years but this was definitely best for food especially  the variety. Lilli was an excellent guide who loved food herself and explained the dishes, encouraged us to try all sorts of varieties. I came home healither than when I left. Highly recommend this company and this tour.

Client Name: Catherine Hannah–NSW Client

Taiwan and China Yangtze May 2010

Dear Navy,

We are well and truly home from our wonderful tour. Everything went according to plan. The arrangements in Taiwan were quite remarkable, the best hotels we’ve ever stayed in, great food and a wonderful tour around this very beautiful island.  Our drivers and guides were helpful and spoke good English. The amazing thing was that, though we were the only two on the city tours and pickups, we were always treated to the full tour, as described in the itinerary. China and the Yangtze cruise were equally sensational and lived up to our expectations . Again. on the boat we were the only two in our group, but we were grouped with seven other independent travellers, whose company we really enjoyed.  Altogether it was a great experience and we could recommend this tour to anyone! Thanks again for your help with the arrangements.

Client Name: Mary and Ed Keogh-QLD clients

Japan Cherry Blossom Tour Apr 2010

Hi Navy

Having returned home from the Japan Cherry Blossom tour yesterday, I would like to express my delight at such a wonderful experience. Your company is to be congratulated on organising a tour with such value for money.

Everything on the tour was more than I ever expected.  Simon Lin who accompanied us from Brisbane was super helpful and his knowledge was much appreciated and made our experience all the more enjoyable and hassle-free, particularly so, considering that he was dealing with such a variety of people, nearly all elderly and some of whom were rather hard to please to say the least.

I found your choice of hotel accommodation was superb and the variety of food was amazing.  The bus travel was first class with a very competent driver who unfortunately took ill before the end of the trip.  I also found Tucca our Japanese guide most pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful.

I will not hesitate to book another tour and recommend your company to my friends.

Many thanks and kind regards

Client Name: Valerie Ward-QLD Client

Japan Cherry Blossom and Garden Tour Apr 2010

Hi Navy,

Just a short note to say how much we enjoyed our tour to Japan (Cherry Blossom & Garden Tour) our tour guide did a fantastic job and Japan itself is such a wonderful place to travel, thanks for organisingthe trip


Client Name: Brian & Lorraine Price- Adelaide Client

China Yangtze River Tour Apr 2010

Hi Simon,

Just a quick note to let you know that we had a wonderful trip down the Yangtze, through the three gorges.  Your organisation of our trip was excellent, and all the guides were very helpful. Thank you for your service which we can highly recommend to others. We also enjoyed Dazu very much.

Client Name: Ed and Fran Cheshire-QLD clients

Japan Cherry Blossom and Garden Tour Apr 2010

What a wonderful holiday-we wanted to see cherry blossoms and we certainly saw them. So beautiful to witness Japanese family &friends enjoying the beginning of spring…Kay, our guide was a delight and our group of 16 Australians were well directed and cared for.

Thank you!

Client Name: Lois Moseley-NSW clients

Cherry Blossom & Garden tour Apr 2010

Dear Jade,

The Tour was promoted as Cherry Blossom and Gardens-We certainly saw lots, lots of Cherry blossoms-excellent, wonderful, impressive!!!

The timing and the places chosen could not have been better.

All our coach drivers were excellent-very professional and capable. Our guide was wonderful, she was caring, considerate and very competent. She enthusiasm ensured that the group functioned happily and very efficiently.


Client Name: Les Moseley-NSW clients

Japan Cherry Blossom and Garden Tour Apr 2010

Hi Navy,

Would recommend this tour to others,  we were a smaller group of 16 who all got on well, together with the fact that our Japanese guide was a happy & delightful person, made our trip most enjoyable. ”Kay” is to be recommended for her Peoples skills Beijing given water everyday was appreciated!

Client Name: Lorraine Price-NSW clients

Taiwan Around Island Tour Apr 2010

Mandarin World Tours,

Thank you for a great trip to Taiwan. had a lovely interesting time. all well organized, very happy. asatisfied client.

Client Name: Helmut Naumann-VIC client

Japan Cherry Blossom Mar 2010

Hi Mandarin World Travel,

I have just returned from the Cherry Blossom Tour I would just like you to know that it was fantastic and both the local guide and Simon did a excellent job and I would certainly use your company again, my friend Val and I are thinking maybe Taiwan or some other Asian country, if we do we will be in touch, give my regards to Simon.


Client Name: Beverly Paton-WA client

Southern China Tour Jun 2009

Please find detailed report from Peter on the Southern China tour.

I must emphasise that the general standard of food was very good and the PAX seemed to enjoy all our meals and were keen to try the variety of cuisines that we encountered (even the mystery ones we couldn’t readily identify

We had the offer to attend 3 optional evening events at PAX own cost. These were Dynamic Yunnan in Kunming, the 4 Lakes and 2 Rivers Night Cruise in Guilin and the Impression Sanjie Liu in Yangshuo. These were all well received with good attendances at each and quite professionally conducted and such events should continue to be an optional feature of future tours.

Client Name: Peter-QLD Tour escort

Japan Cherry Blossom Tour Apr 2009

Mandarin world travel

Here are our client feedback on your Cherry Blossom Tour.

I have recently completed Japan Cheery Blossom tour with my travelling companion and have the following comments to make for your information.

  • The tour content for Japan-Excellent we saw all we expected and more
  • Accommodation of high quality with good service
  • Meals Good quality, well cooked and presented. For those who couldn’t always manager some of the Japanese food acceptable alternatives were found.
  • Bus Quite comfortable
  • Bus Driver very skilled, careful and competent
  • Local Tour Guide+ I cannot speak too highly of this gentleman. He spoke very good English, is intelligent and articulate, hard working with great communication skills and he went to great lengths to make the tour enjoyable. His name was Lawrence and from my twelve years’ experience travelling overseas with both Australian and Overseas companies he is right at the top of the tree…….

Client Name: Christine-QLD agent

China Tour Sep 2008

Hello Navy

I would like to thank you for arranging for the tour guide to meet me in Shanghai from HongKong and for the Beijing guide to look after me at the airport when the others on the tour left for Brisbane.
It all worked out pretty well and there was lots of shopping done by lots of people…. not me.

Best wishes and thank you

Client Name: Kay -QLD client

Japan and Korea Tour May 2008

Dear Navy,

Thank you very much for sending us the final confirmation for the Korea tour departing 25th May 08. Really appreciate it.
My colleague Fanny took the group to Japan and Korea departing 30th Mar. She said your tour guide Stephanie in Korea was very good and professional. Everyone in the group enjoyed her service. Please pass our thanks to Stephanie. And I just found out we are going to have Stephanie for this Korea tour departing 25th May as well. Very good news.

Thank you very much for it. Have a nice day!

Client Name: Wendy-NSW agent

Vietnam and Cambodia Tour Mar 2008

Mandarin World Travel

The trip did go well and very smoothly.
For some reason my son David was listed as the contact, so all the airport signs/hotel check ins etc. hadhis name, which he enjoyed.
Bangkok Air took a while to organise the day use of the Novotel, but it was worth the wait as it is a very nice airport hotel and we got 3 rooms!
We did some tours in Thailand and they were well organised. The rafting trip was a real highlight.  A lot of fun helped very much by our tour guide.
The Angkorland hotel in Siem Reap location was good, close to the city centre was good so that we could walk home from the night market.
In regards to the packaged Cambodia tour. I suggest dropping at least one of the evening meals. We would have preferred to eat at Pub street a la carte at our own expense, rather than have yet another buffet and watch much the same Aspara performance. At least we had a different restaurant each time. A full day at Angkor Wat was probably enough. We went to Angkor Phrom in the morning, came back for a rest at the hotel and went to Angkor Wat in the late afternoon. That was a good program.

The Singapore Stay deal was great value. A very funky room with electronic room controls.

Thanks for your assistance in organising the trip.

Client Name: Andrew -QLD client