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MW Tours, Taiwan Tourism Bureau and EVA Airways recent famil to Taiwan spending 7 days visiting the beautiful sights and cities of Taiwan. Above photograph taken at Lotus Pond in Kaohsiung , the southern most city of Taiwan outside the entry of the dragon and Tiger temple. Top Left, Andrew Denishensky (Travel counsellors) Michelle Talvi (MTA Travel) Denise Dean (Travel Managers) Patty Poutanen (Travel Managers) Cheryl Andrews (Travel Counsellors) Jacob Bartlett (MTA Travel) ) Kelly De Lore (helloworld Jesmond) Nicole Prestipino (helloworld Drysdale) Elle Willmott (MW Tours) Alun Toner (Toners Travel & Cruise) Edward Versace (NZ Agent) Phoenix Liu (EVA Airways) Front row David Streek (Consolidated Travel) Merryn Edwards (Andy’s World Travel)