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Sri Lanka Special – EXTENDED TO 31ST JANUARY 2019!

To celebrate Sri Lanka being named Lonely Planet’s #1 Destination for 2019, we are excited to offer you a special deal!


Sri Lanka is becoming increasingly popular for tourists, due to its vibrant and diverse landscape, delicious authentic cuisine, rich culture and history, and charming friendly locals. The ancient capital Anuradhapura, is a UNESCO World Heritage Listed Site, with ancient ruins, shrines, and monuments. It is also the home of the 2300 year old tree, known as the oldest living tree in the world that is a sacred symbol in Buddhism, attracting thousands of pilgrims daily. Beautiful and diverse natural landscapes are plentiful throughout the island, with pristine and undisturbed beaches, lush forests, vibrant tea plantations, and national parks. You will also find safari worthy animals such as pink flamingos, elephants, and leopards, amongst the plains and valleys.

With a close proximity to India, Sri Lanka is known for its delicious curries, served with rice and an assortment of pickles, chutneys, and spices. Fresh seafood is also plentiful, and one of the country’s exports. Ceylon Tea is another export, and the rich green tea plantations are unmissable, along with a fresh tea tasting.

Culturally, Sri Lanka has a rich history based on its long Buddhist history. Beautiful, unique temples and shrines are spread throughout the country, which also has a mix of modern influences.

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