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  • Jenny Lennan (Tour consultant)

    In 1990 I purchased a travel agency in Acacia Ridge and after 12 months I moved it to Loganholme and took on a partner. We joined the Jetset network. After seven years I left the  partnership to spend more time with my 3 children who were growing up too quickly. After 6 years off I started back doing relief work and in 2006 I started working for a company called  Jetscape Travel at Loganholme (yes the company I started 16 years earlier.) After 4 years working for Jetscape Travel the company was sold and became Helloworld Loganholme/BYOjet . I  spent 4 years working there. I took a few months off and then started working for Navy at MW Tours in 2015.

    My role at MW Tours is mainly handling all the English Travel Agents.

    I have been fortunate enough to travel overseas a lot. I have visited, the USA, Canada, Alaska, England, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Fiji, Vanuatu, Noumea, New Zealand, Bali,  Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and Philippines. It’s hard to pick a favourite country as each of them are so unique and different, but I was lucky to be chosen to represent our  company to do the Cherry Blossoms Tour in Japan 2016 which was stunning. I think the another standout was the 7-day cruise doing the inside passage in Alaska with Holland America.

  • Cecilia Chan (Tour consultant)

    I have worked in the travel industry for 6 years. My deep knowledge of destinations comes from my love of travelling. Destinations I've visited include Taiwan, China, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Dubai and Europe. You may notice Asia is my current favourite. Travel has always been a lifelong passion of mine. My passion for travel started at a young age when I lived abroad and I have been travelling extensively ever since and travel has been my only career. I have turned that passion and love of travel into my job and have the pleasure of helping others create unforgettable memories. I have truly enjoyed helping others to discover and experience the joy of travelling as I have enjoyed it through my own adventures. I still have so many places on my travel bucket list including America, Korea and India! I will keep adding a new destination to my bucket list.

  • Elle Willmott (BDE NSW/ACT)

    As a Business Development Manager for MW Tours I have strived to be in a position where I am able to portray by a strong passion for Travel. Having worked and travelled abroad over the past 8 years I have gathered an abundance of incredible memories and experiences. My passion for travel began at an early age the moment I could put my feet on a plane to an unknown destination I took the first opportunity. At the age of only 17, I was already moving abroad to Australia from my home Country New Zealand.

    From that began an ultimate love for travel, having travelled and worked abroad throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, USA and the South pacific. My journey in the travel industry began in retail working for Travelworld’s and helloworld stores. I then moved on to working in product and eventually worked towards my role with MW Tours. I can talk about travel forever! Been given the opportunity to work in an industry where you learn something new every day and where I see new faces and talk about beautiful places on a daily basis makes my job such a pleasure. I have been fortunate enough in my life to have these opportunities to experience beautiful destinations, cultures, sights, people & places. My favourite quote that I have lived by is ‘’Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer’’.

  • Trace Olsen (General Manager | National Sales)

    My love for travel began when I was awarded ‘hairdresser of the year 1991’ (yes I’m that old!) and the prize was a trip to America! I returned home and my Hairdressing days were numbered because all I wanted to do was sell to everyone the benefits of travelling as much as they could! I sold my house at 21 and backpacked the world for an entire year starting with Thailand for a month then lived in London but toured all throughout Europe &Eastern Europe and the America’s. On my return, I started working for the FCTG as a Travel Consultant which was short lived but set the foundations for my knowledge of this incredible industry. Over the years I’ve worked for a few wholesalers in reservations and joined the team at On the Go Tours where I was given the opportunity to manage the area of QLD and promoted to National Sales/PR Manager. In my 7 years there I was humbled by winning the award ‘favourite BDM of the year’ two years running, which was voted by the FCTG agents. I also managed to take 9 agent famils to destinations like Eygpt, Jordan, Turkey, Russia, China, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka and Croatia.

    MW Tours took me on just 2 years ago now as the National Sales Manager, and have just been promoted to GM my favourite ever role in travel. I have continued to take agents to such places as Japan, Korea, India &Taiwan…… And recently managed a fabulous holiday in Boracay the Philippines with my best girlfriends. My next work trip will be back to Japan and I’ll be returning to the Philippines on a holiday to explore a few more of their 7,000 Islands!.

    My favourite memories are when I called my son from the top of the Great Wall & he asked if I could see any Rabbits – clearly he watches too much TV! And my favourite countries are India for their amazing people food, diversity, architecture & history. And also the Philippines for their incredible people, food, value for money and beaches!!! Feel free to call me anytime to chat about this wonderful world we live in…..Oh & call me TRACE

  • Emma Lennan (Tour consultant)

    I have been in the travel industry now for 5.5 years. Starting my career as a Travel Consultant at, BYOjet/Travelscene Logan. Staying within the same company I was appointed the Fares and Ticketing Team Leader, with 8 colleagues to guide and train, my highlight so far. I decided to join the team at MWTours to further my knowledge and continue my passion within the Travel Industry, I look forward to seeing/speaking to you all soon. Places I have Travelled, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Morocco, Vanuatu, New Caledonia. My favourite destinations have been Morocco and Abu Dhabi.

    I also enjoy cruises and have experienced P&O, Royal Caribbean and Carnival.

    Favourite hotel chains, Club Med, Shangri-La and Anantara.

    Places to visit on my wish list, Philippines-Boracay, Japan- Cherry Blossom, Africa- Safari, China- Pandas, Greece, Italy and Oman. (really its everywhere I haven’t been)

  • Kay Russell (BDM SA/WA/NT)

    A lot like our MW Tours GM, Trace Olsen, I started my career in the hairdressing industry as well. I loved it and had achieved all I had planned with in the industry including being a business owner and educator.
    It was when I realised I was spending all my hard earned money on travel and that I talked about travel all the time, including the travel adventures of my clients and friends along with my own that I thought it would be great to make it a career and perused it like a crazy woman.
    I was fortunate enough to start working with the FCTG and was able to travel to even more amazing places and enjoy some incredible experiences in these destinations.
    After 7 ½ years with the group I moved across to the “formerly known as” HWT group and went part time to study Marketing and Business Management to move into this area of travel.
    One thing I really loved about all these experiences was introducing them to others. I wanted to be able to use the experience and knowledge I have to help other people find their own passion in travel from both a Travel Agent and a Travellers perspective.
    This next step has seen me working with some amazing airlines that travel to many of the destinations that MW Tours represent including India, China and Mauritius and also different destinations with Air Canada and Hawaiian Airlines.
    Just prior to joining the MW Team I worked for an international hotel group making its mark in the Australian market and also one of the major coach tour operators selling to the Australian market.
    If you ask me my favourite destination I can’t really tell you as I haven’t been everywhere yet! But I love Vietnam for its food and Japan for its eccentricity but if I could live a place other than Australia I would choose Portland, Oregon and I think an amazing place to experience is Disney World in Florida.You will have to wait until you meet me to ask me the “why” to the last 2.


  • Rachael Mann (Tour consultant)

    My passion for travel came from travelling all different parts of the world when I was younger which has continued ever since.  I was very fortunate in 2013 to land my first travel job with BYOjet, an online travel agency which gave me the privilege to work in different roles such as customer care, corporate sales and commercial analysis.  Destinations I have visited include USA, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Noumea, Vanuatu, Philippines,  France, Italy and New Zealand.
    What I enjoy most about this industry is that we give people all around the world the opportunity to create incredible memories through travel and that it is so much more than just commission and TTV.  
    My next destination I wish to travel to is Vietnam !


  • Ben Haigh (General Manager | Operations & Reservations)

    Ben started his working career as an award winning chef before joining the Travel Industry in 2003.
    Now-a-days Ben is an accomplished and experienced professional in the field of operational management and business improvement, with a wealth of knowledge of fast paced environments having been largely responsible for the development and growth, while being a part of the Senior & Executive Management teams, spending 9.5years with one of Australia’s leading Travel Innovators and also a short stint with one of Australia leading tech start-ups in the Automotive space.
    Ben has also a lot of experience in the BPO arena and has managed teams both domestically and internationally (Fiji, New Zealand & Philippines) with experience in other areas such as research analysis, business reporting, change management, process automation, Work Force Optimisation and resource planning, B2B, B2C, business development and most of all Leadership. Ben’s leadership skills were strengthened with 5 years at the top flight of Australian Football as an National Youth League and A-League Referee where he officiated televised games on the weekends.
    From all of Ben’s experience, came his passion for Travel starting with Harvey World Travel Lismore as the Sales & Marketing Manager, responsible for all regional marketing activities from Coffs Harbour to Tweed Heads, and over the years travelling extensively throughout West Coast US, Hawaii, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and the South Pacific (Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, Samoa and New Zealand).
    Working in the Travel Industry is one of the best industries you could be a part of, having the opportunity to travel whilst working, is an absolute pleasure, as not only do you get to learn and explore new cultures yourself with amazing experiences, you also get to be a part of your customers dreams day in, day out.

  • Amanda Board (BDM VIC/TAS)

    I never really understood when people would say ‘It’s in your blood’, but having a year break from the industry I now understand, that travel is definitely in my blood! I started my journey in 1992 working with 3 different wholesalers before I joined Malaysia Airlines in which I had the privilege to work with for 19 years as a Sales Executive.  I have been fortunate enough to travel to some amazing places and meet plenty of interesting people along the way.  I’m now back to where it all started, wholesale.  I love the MW Tours product and can’t wait to keep exploring this incredible world we live in.
    Some of my favourite travel experiences include releasing baby turtles off the east coast of Malaysia offered by the Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia, eating street food in Vietnam, cruising along the Rhine River, watching the world go by in Krakow and exploring the streets of Prague.  I still have plenty on my bucket list including the Northern Lights.  My next adventure is to explore Taiwan and all it has to offer!